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The Hiring Dilemma: Senior Engineers or Recent Graduates

February 6, 2024
What both young and senior engineers must embrace to bridge the gap. This article isn’t about age. It’s about experience. Because, the truth is, when you are hiring, you may […]

Where Will You Begin Your Engineering Career?

January 11, 2024
Large or Small…the Choice is Yours.  Choose Well. Are you a young engineer looking to build your career?  You’ll be in demand, no question.  So, where do you want to […]

Pursuing a Principles-Based Career in Engineering

December 8, 2023
What do you…and what won’t you…stand for? There are certain qualities that any young engineer (or any aged engineer, actually) should strive for.  You’ve got to be good at your […]

You ask the questions! How tables have turned in the interview process

July 31, 2023
Six things you need to ask so that you’ll know more about your employer of choice There was a time, not so long ago when the jobs market was different  […]

Satisfying Budget and Quality demands with Structural Design Engineering

July 6, 2023
Three ways to get More for More, and More For Less. Money matters.  That’s the understatement of the year.   Even though we know we can not sacrifice quality for […]

In Search of…the Structural Design Engineering Unicorn

May 31, 2023
Eight things to hope for as you choose a Structural Design Engineering firm. Choices are everywhere.  In a world full of options, marketing slogans, price, and experience levels, it’s very […]

Structurally Sound

May 2, 2023
Why Culture Matters, even with structural design engineering firms When you think of an engineer (and come on, you know you do!) you may not picture a team.  You picture […]

A Career Pathway for Engineers

April 5, 2023
Four Ways to Grow Through Changes in Your Career  “I want to be an engineer!” Do you remember when you first realized that you wanted to design and build things? […]

Are all structural design engineering firms the same?

March 17, 2023
It’s about more than math. Here are 5 unique differentiators to know. If you are reading this article about structural engineering, then you likely already know what it is. Designing […]

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