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Structural Engineering

TTR Engineers can design and perform analysis for many aspects of structural engineering. This includes, and is not limited to, designing with steel, concrete, masonry, timber, wood, light-gauge steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass. Our experience covers a wide range of projects in many industries.

Design Services

Structural Steel Connection Design

Types of Connections

  • Shear Connections

  • Axially Loaded Connections including column splices and hangers

  • Moment Connections

  • Bracing and Truss Connection

Connection Design Scope

  • Review Contract Documents including Projects Specifications to determine what connection design is required and if shop drawing review is required.

  • Determine Fabricator’s shop standards

  • Determine Standard connections for the project.

Connection Design Software

  • We use Descon, RISA Connection and our MathCad and spreadsheet templates for the design of the connections.

  • Our calculations are provided in conformance with the required Edition of AISC’s Steel Construction Manual as well as the Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings.

stairs, engineering

Stair & Rail Design

TTR Engineers has extensive experience in the design of stairs and rails. For monumental and complex stairs, we can model the stairs using RISA 3D to ensure the strength and defection criteria is met as well as check for any vibration issues. We can design rails using steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass as well as design cable rails. 

  • Industrial Buildings.
    TTR Engineers is experienced with designing warehousing with storage and stacking loads, and floors with forklift traffic.

    Heavy Industry Services

    • Inspection services for:
      • Buildings
      • Foundations
      • Equipment support structures
    • Planning assistance for building expansions or equipment upgrades
    • New equipment foundations
    • Fall protection system design
      • Horizontal lifeline (HLL)
      • Individual tie off points
      • Safety descent systems
    • Walking working surface design
    • Remediation for damaged structure
  • Institutional Buildings 
    TTR Engineers has been involved in building design for universities, camps, amusement parks and churches.

Building Design

We are experienced with the following requirements for specialized buildings:

  • Residential Buildings 
    For the one, two and three family residential markets, we provide Architects, Owners, Builders the following services:

    • The design of reinforced masonry and concrete basement walls and footings.
    • Joists, header and beam designs.
    • Braced wall analysis (per R602.10 of International Residential Code).
    • The design of floor framing plans
    • Designs using pre-engineered trusses, I-joists, glulams, structural composite lumber, flitch beams, sawn lumber and timber.
  • Commercial Buildings 
    TTR Engineers has experience in the design of offices, retail, warehouses and mixed-use spaces as well as the restoration and rehabilitation of existing buildings and structures.

non-building design

Non-Building Design

Our Non-Building Structure designs include Concrete Silos, Composite Elevated Tanks (CET), and stands and foundations for dust collectors, shredders and miscellaneous equipment. Additionally, TTR Engineers is involved in the design of conveying systems that move coal, gypsum, raw sugar, trash, and aggregate. This includes the design of trusses for conveyors, bents, transfer towers, concrete pits, retaining walls, and foundation design.

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