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Satisfying Budget and Quality demands with Structural Design Engineering

July 6, 2023

Three ways to get More for More, and More For Less.

Money matters.  That’s the understatement of the year.   Even though we know we can not sacrifice quality for cost, we still want value

When it comes to structural engineering, the problem is exacerbated.  We are talking about the structural foundation, the “bones” of a building.  Cutting corners is not an option.

How can you get the most for your money, without sacrificing one ounce of quality?  Watch for these opportunities:

Don’t budge here:

Experience and Expertise: Look for engineers who have a track record of success.  It is still true that you get what you pay for.    Look for References, reputation, and a relevant portfolio of similar or related projects (Link to Portfolio)

Technical Proficiency: The firms you are considering either know their stuff or they don’t.  You’ll also want a firm that complies with the code and carries appropriate liability insurance.

Collaboration, Culture, and Communication:   Effective communication and collaboration skills are crucial and can save money.  Here are some things you should look for (link to culture blog) and should be baked in for a strong structural design engineering firm.

Choose wisely here: 

Over Engineering:  There is no substitute for structural safety.  Period. But, be careful about agreeing to over-the-top design, excessive material usage or unnecessary complexity.  You’re looking for the right balance.  While less can often be more, more is always more!

Life Cycle Costs: Your project has a budget to build it. Then, there are maintenance costs, staffing, growth considerations, etc.  Cutting corners and poor planning can cost more money down the line

Build value here:

Seek Multiple Bids:  You may already have relationships established.   Still, everyone should put their best foot forward and work to earn your business.

Work with a local firm:  If the mandates above are met then strongly consider the firm that is local or more readily available to you.  Community matters, so find someone who cares about yours.

Value Engineering: Ask for suggestions to save time and money.  This can generate better ideas and savings without sacrificing quality.

Good advice would be to establish a shortlist based on the nonnegotiable.  Then, get to work on the structural design engineering alternatives that can give you more for more, and more for less.

TTR Engineers is a structural design engineering firm located in Akron Ohio.  We have over fifty years of experience in structural design engineering.  Call us at 330.733.8332 or click here to contact us online.

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