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A Career Pathway for Engineers

April 5, 2023

Four Ways to Grow Through Changes in Your Career 

“I want to be an engineer!”

Do you remember when you first realized that you wanted to design and build things? That is what you wanted to change the world in ways that would stand the test of time. 

Yet, like many career fields, the dream can get lost in the “job”.  Perhaps the company you work for doesn’t match your ideals or reward your contributions.  Maybe there is no path to advance.  Often, by the time you figure that out, it’s too late.  

That is what’s known as “stuck”. 

Successful engineering firms should provide a path for advancement to motivated employees.  Different ways to enter the company and different paths to growth.  You, your experience, your capabilities, and your desires may change over time.  A good engineering firm should have a pathway in place to keep you challenged and motivated and on the team!

TTR Engineering, for example, has a documented career pathway in place to help you begin where you should, and grow to reach your goals.  Our pathway consists of the following opportunities:

Structural Engineering Co-op

A Structural Engineering Co-op is a student or recent graduate who gains experience in the field of structural engineering. You work and learn under the guidance of experienced engineers and company leaders to learn the ropes.  A good co-op program offers the chance to impact the team and the client’s success

Engineering Structural Designer 

After you’ve gained the knowledge, you’ll want the responsibility.  At this level, you’ll be designing and creating structural plans and drawings for buildings, stairways, and other structures.

Professional Structural Engineer:

The buck stops here!  Professional Structural Engineers typically have a degree in civil or structural engineering and have passed a rigorous examination to become licensed. At TTR Engineering, we are proud to offer some of the brightest talents in the industry, but we are always looking for the best who want to further their career in this position. 

Senior Structural Engineer 

If you are a senior structural engineer, you know it.  You are a leader, you are responsible.  You may be deeply involved in project management, budgeting, client relationships, etc.  You may not want to leave where you are, as you have paid your dues.  However, TTR Engineering offers this as an onramp option to work with us.  You’ll enjoy the “Extreme Ownership” our company provides, and we will rely on your learned experience to make us even better suited to handle our client’s needs.  

Final advice:  Make sure you aren’t just getting a title.  A good career pathway provides ownership.  That means you can make decisions that impact the company and the project results.  Micromanaging and Engineering don’t have to go hand in hand.

For more information about TTR or career opportunities, feel free to reach out, and let’s talk about what’s best for both of us.  

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