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Pursuing a Principles-Based Career in Engineering

December 8, 2023

What do you…and what won’t you…stand for?

There are certain qualities that any young engineer (or any aged engineer, actually) should strive for.  You’ve got to be good at your craft.  Certainly, you need to gain the credentials and work to gain the experience you need to move forward in your career.

But what some might call intangibles may be the most important qualities of all.  Things like guiding principles, core values, and purpose.

The finest engineers for our future not only build and design from a firm foundation…they live their lives that way too.  Here are some qualities we think are valuable for upcoming engineers.

Attention to Detail

Precision and accuracy are crucial in engineering to ensure safety and efficiency. If you are the kind of person who wants things done right, and won’t stop until they are, you’ll be able to stand up against less-than-adequate, and potentially dangerous work.


The field of engineering is constantly evolving. Leadership positions should be available for you to continue your development as a leader in your field

Ethics and Professionalism

As you would in life, you want to maintain high ethical standards and professionalism in all your work. Integrity is a core value of ours as a company, and each of our engineers is to be trusted and counted on.  If you have it, develop it further.

Time Management

But not just to get more work done.  You’ve got to want to manage your time for family and personal growth.  Work/Life/Family balance is critical to each aspect of your life.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We value the desire to be your own boss.  To make decisions in you company’s and your customer’s best interest.  We call it Extreme Ownership.


Be prepared to face setbacks and failures. A resilient attitude will help you learn from your mistakes and continue to improve.

Customer Focused

Few see the role of an engineer to be public-facing. Still, a desire to satisfy the customer with excellence is a strong character trait and will make you a valuable addition to any growing engineering firm.

Being a successful engineer demands technical skill and know-how.  To be the best, you should have the character traits that add humanity, empathy, and passion to your skill set.

If you have already developed these principles, you’d make a good fit for any engineering firm.

In fact, you’ll be a strong fit for ours!  TTR Engineers is hiring!

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